On Hijab



Recently (I’m using the term loosely here) there have been a ton of editorials published on hijab in American publications. Normally I would be all happy and rah-rah cheerleader about hijab getting a bunch of positive attention in the media, but I’ve seriously grown tired of this same monologue being put on repeat for the past 11 years. “Yes I’m a hijabi but I swear I’m not a terrorist or oppressed! I promise you! Check me out! I love America!!”  and then the responses….. oh the responses. “Preach it Sistah!” “Yeah! Damn straight! I wear what I want!” I just feel my brain cells dying and start getting misanthropic– that’s really not the way that I want to feel but it’s just so dang frustrating.

I don’t understand why hijabis specifically and Muslims in general have taken on this role of apologists for the past 11 years. Seriously, if you weren’t flying a plane that Tuesday morning STOP apologizing. You’re not doing wrong by being a Muslim or a hijabi. Enough is enough. You don’t have to explain the way you dress to the world and promising that it doesn’t affect your American-ness, your strength of character, who you are. Doing so only reinforces the idea that hijabis should be treated differently by society.

Stop explaining and apologizing and start working on your confidence honey because you don’t really need to ask people to judge you based on your personality and your accomplishments rather than your hijab, carry yourself in a way that that is the first thing people notice about you.

And for the sake of all that is holy, STOP playing the victim, being dramatic, and seeking attention just because of your hijab– because that’s what makes people not like you… not the way you dress.

Okay I’m done ranting for the moment. Ramadan is near and I’m quite excited insh’allah. Will be posting more often! Until then,

Peace, love and besos amores.

Alhamdulilah wa salat wa salam a3la Sayidina Muhammed wa a3la ahli wa sa7bi saliman katheera.


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